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39 Melachos
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5 Ė Damage, if the intent is to damage you are not chayav on Shabbos. However someone who wants to demolish so that he could build, is chayav. [ Shabbos 105.] [Therefore even if he destroyed through a pisik reisha he is chayav, similar to a shochait in chutz laeretz for avoda zara that is three prohibitions at one time even though it is a mikalkal damage but since it a psik reisha for fixing for a non jew that it is not eiver min hachai a limb of a live animal he is chayav. A non jew is punished for eiver min hachai. [ like Rashi Chulin 40.], although he didnít intend this, even so itís a pisik reisha.] 17

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