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39 Melachos
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However, there is something that divides mischalkos between the melachos. We already explained in the second perek of Krisus 34, that there are four things that divide in the chiuv chatas and this is the explanation: I - days divide in the case of a shogeg {unintentional} of the melacha on Shabbos,18 if you do a shogag Shabbos that you donít realize that you did it on a Shabbos, even if you didnít know that this melacho is forbidden on Shabbos, and you do it again by accident on a different Shabbos, then the days between the Shabbosim constitute a separation and you must bring a chatas for each and every Shabbos that you do the shogag on. [look at Lechem Mishna perek 7 halacha 5] II - Melachos also constitute a division for chiav chatas for shogeg of melachos of Shabbos. If you plant, harvest, and grind on one Shabbos, and didnít know that these melachos are forbidden on Shabbos but he knows that it is Shabbos, then he is chayav to bring a chatas for each and every melacho he did. [Rambam there halacha 3] III -Knowledge is also a divider, that if you did during one Shabbos both the av melacho and itís toldah together, or many toldos of one av, such as, if you planted grafted and took a branch connected to its source and stuck it into the ground to make a new tree called havracha, and all of them were unintentional violations, [but if you did one av melacha many times knowledge cannot divide{ as once you know it is ossur all the times you did the melacha you now that it was prohibited} if you find out that all are prohibited in one shot you are chayav on all of them just one chatas. However if you only find out afterward that planting is ossur, and later that grafting is ossur, and that havracha is ossur, it is like if you ate chailev and again you ate chailev and you then found out that the first time it was chailev, and then you found out that the second was also chailev, you are chayav chatas on every one seperately. Rambam there perek 6 halacha 9] IV Ė Forgetfulness can also divide regarding the chayav chatas. If he didnít know that planting is forbidden on Shabbos and he planted and then found out it was forbidden, and he then forgot that it was forbidden and planted again, for each and every case he is chayav a chatas. [Rambam Shabbos perek 7 Shigagos perek720]

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