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39 Melachos
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4 Ė Maamar - If you gather things that are detached that grew from the ground in the place where they grow, you are chayav. The amount that has to be gathered to be chayav, if he is doing it for a person to eat then a pressed figs worth, [which according to the Rambam perek 8 of Shabbos is a third of a chickens egg and according to the Tur 4/9 of an egg] If he is doing it for an animal to eat then enough to fill a goats mouth. To make a fire if he gathers wood in the place they grow to make a fire cook a dried figs worth of a chickens egg. Toldos of Maamar are, if you press together two fruits so that they become one, even if not where they were growing37. Similarly if you make a hole in fruits and hang them on a string to dry them. Also, fruit spread around in a courtyard you may pick them up one by one and eat them but may not put them in a basket or box, since you might come to squash together. [Rambam perek 21 halacha 11] If, however, they fell in one place, you may place them in a basket. If however it fell in the rocks and dirt in a courtyard, it is forbidden to pick it up because of borer. In any case it is only permitted to take and eat them one by one. [the end of siman 335] There are those who say that even if they are spread in a house it is permitted. [Magid Mishna] It is forbidden to gather sea salt from were they dry out as doing so is similar to maamar. There are those who say even things which donít grow from the ground can be maamar and accordingly are chayav. [the Kesef Mishna perek 5 halacha 5]

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