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39 Melachos
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1 - All of the melacha: Meaning there is an amount of melacha that has to be done in all of the melachos and you must do all of it. If you do not do the whole amount it is ‘chatzi shiur’ part of the amount and you are patur. Not only that but if you do only half the melacho and someone else does the next half, for instance by the melacha of hotzaa carrying if one person picks it up and another puts it down it out [Shabbos 2.]. The same is true in the melacha of writing which the melacha is writing two letters or weaving which the melacha is two strings or suchlike. If a person does the first and the second the other, even though they have completed a melacho between them, they’re patur. In addition, if both of them do the melacho together; for instance, two people carrying a loaf outside in unison, or holding a pitchfork and sheathed together, or holding a pen together and writing, or holding a light and kindling something, both of them are patur. [Shabbos 92.]. However, in this case there is a disagreement that if one person can do it but not the second, the one who is able to do it is chayav. But if two people are able to do it each by themselves, both are patur. If by themselves each could not do it then, both are chayav. [Ramban perek 1 halacha]

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