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39 Melachos
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letzorech gufo

2 Ė The melacha must be letzorech gufo need for the melachas purpose but if it is not letzorech gufo such as digging a pit with no need for the pit just the dirt [ Shabbos73:], or if you extinguish a light not because you want it dark but because you want to save the oil or wick for later [ Shabbos29:], or similar cases according to the Rashba and other poskim, you are patur. And even though it is a pisik reisha as it will surely happen a melacho, for instance, that you need dirt and the taking of that dirt will surely cause a pit. You could say that it is talking about a case, where you do not want to create a pit, lo necha ley. In such as case even though it is a pisik reisha, you are patur. [like Shabbos 75.] According to the Rambam all melachos even though they are not letzorech gufo you are still chayav. [Ramban perek 1 halacha] Even though in a case that is a pisik reisha if you do not want it you are patur, pisik reisha dlo necha ley. The reason being in a case of pisik reisha with eino miskavein no intent you werenít intending to do the melacho at all, like in the case that you close the door and a deer is caught, and similarly in a case of gathering the blood of chalazon (the fish from which was taken the blue dye required for tzitzis) and you do not intend to kill it, just to gather itís blood. What is not true in a case that you did intend to do the melacho of making a pit, were you did intend to make a hole also just that was not your purpose, according to the Rambam, youíre chayav. [Kedef Mishna perek 1 halacha 7]

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