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39 Melachos
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3 -In an unusual way, you are not chayav on a melacho except if you do it in the regular way, and not in an unusual fashion. But if you do it in an unusual way, you are patur. An example spinning is an av melacho, but if you spin on a living animal you are patur. [Shabbos 74:] And similarly if you carry something light out on your head, youíre patur because thatís not the normal way. [Shabbos 94:] Also, in a case where you cut your fingernails or hair youíre chayav but if you pull them out with your hand, youíre patur because thatís not the regular way of doing it. Detaching is a toldah of ketzirah (harvesting) and you are chayav on it, if you throw something at a tree and a fruit falls, you are patur because thatís not the usual way. [If you cut off with your mouth according to Rasgi Sukah 37: you are chayav but according to the Magen Avrahan simon 336 sif kattan 11 cou;d be you would be patur] Similarly if you write with your weaker hand you are patur because it is not normal to do so. [Shabbos 103.] It seems to me, that this only applies in the case of writing, since the regular way of writing is only with your normal hand, but with other melachos, such as lighting a candle with your weaker hand, you are chayav, because it is normal to light it with either hand, and this is proof that if you carry with your left hand youíre chayav. [Shabbos 92.] So we see that in any melacho that is done in a different way from usual, such as threshing or other melachos, as long as you do them differently from normal, youíre patur. [Magen Avrahan simon 336 sif kattan 11]

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