Parshas Toldos – תולדות

Parshas Toldos – תולדות

In this weeks parsha Esav and Yaakov are born. Esav comes home one day exhausted and sells his bechorah to Yaakov for a pot of red lentil soup.

We made chocolate bowls with “red lentils”

We used small balloons dipped into melted backing chocolate to create the bowls. After dipping half of each balloon into the melted chocolate we let them rest on a sheet of wax paper till they hardened, then re-dipped them to make them firmer.


תולדות כה:כט
Toldos 25:29

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  1. I think Esav was hoping that Yaakov would throw in the bowl as part of the deal (kind of like free shipping on orders over $100).

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