Parshas Chukas – חקת

Parshas Chukas – חקת

In Parshas Chukas Miriam dies. The well, which the benei Yisroel had throughout the 40 years in the desert in her merit, stoped flowing. Hashem commanded Moshe and Aharon to speak to the rock to bring forth water. Moshe hit the rock twice and water came gushing out.

We made chocolate “rocks” with water pouring out to represent this neis.

חקת כ:יא
Chukas 20:11



1- Start with a flat cookie (we used chocolate mint cookies, but any will do). Lie them flat on a sheet of wax paper.
2- Make a batch of this mint icing. You can use another flavoring if you\’d rather.

Mint Icing
1/2 c margarine melted
4 c powdered sugar
2 TBSP soymilk
2 drops mint extract
3 drops of blue food coloring
Beat all ingredients together until it reaches a workable consistency (it should be almost like play dough – add more powdered sugar to make it thicker).

3- Form balls with the icing and place one on each cookie.
4- Pour melted chocolate over each ball/cookie so they are completely covered.
5- Using a bit of leftover icing pipe, a few drops pouring out of the “rock” (you may want to add a drop of water to make it easier to pipe).

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