Parshas Pinchas – פינחס

Parshas Pinchas – פינחס

In Parshas Pinchas the benei Yisroel are told some details about how the land of Eretz Yisroel will be divided. One of the methods used was a unique kind of goral (lot). There were 24 tickets mixed up in a box. On 12 of them were written the names of each shevet, and on the other 12 were written 12 portions of land. The Nasi (prince) of each shevet would put his hand in and take out 2 tickets. On one ticket he would find the name of his shevet written on it, and on the other would be the portion of land intended for them.

We made little bowls with “tickets” to represent this selection.
פינחס כו:נה
Pinchas 26:55

1- We used ready-made tarts that only needed to be baked, but you can use any bowl shaped pastry.
2- We made parve pudding (substituting soy milk for regular milk) and poured a thin layer at the bottom each bowl (so it could hold the candy).
3- We sliced chocolate covered marzipan for the “tickets” mainly because they are white and can be cut thin, but you can really use any candy.

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