Parshas Va\’eschanan – ואתחנן

Parshas Va\’eschanan discusses the mitzvah of tefillin, which men are commanded to wear as a reminder of the importance of the mitzvos.

We made tefillin out of chocolates
ואתחנן ו:ח
Va\’eschanan 6:8

1- We used square chocolate mint thins as the base and used melted chocolate to glue chocolate marshmallow squares to it.
2- To make the other side, we used melted chocolate to glue together 4 small square chocolates and attach to the mint thin.
3- We used chocolate licorice for the straps.

2 thoughts on “Parshas Va\’eschanan – ואתחנן

  1. I love that you differentiated between the tefillin shel yad and shel rosh. I’ll just have to eat both to make sure I do the complete mitzva 😉

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