Parshas Eikev – עקב

Parshas Eikev – עקב

In Parshas Eikev we are commanded to write the paragraph[s] of Shema [and Vihaya Im Shamoa] on our doorposts (mezuzos) to remind us of the miztvos.

We made edible mezuzah\’s to represent this mitzvah
עקב יא:כ
Eikev 11:20

1- Spread chocolate spread (the Isreali kind) over 2/3rds of a puff-pastry dough square (We used pre-made frozen pastry dough already cut in squares).
2- Roll squares in tightly starting from the chocolate covered side, so you end with the cleaner side closing the roll.
3- Bake fold side down for 12-15 min on 380.
4- Sprinkle powdered sugar over the top.
5- Melt chocolate and pipe a Shin on the top of the roll.

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