Yom Kippur – Seudah Ha-Mafsekes – יום כיפור

On Erev Yom Kipper we eat food that is shaped into pockets so the contents are “hidden”. This symbolizes that the day of Erev Yom Kipper is a holiday, but since we do not have the regular laws of a holiday (ie. no working) it is a “hidden” holiday. It also represents how we want Hashem to judge us, the filling is the heart, the dough represents the logical thoughts, we want Him to allow the emotions of the heart to come through.
We made blueberry turnovers for this minhag.

We used ready made pastry dough squares with blueberry pie filling to make this dessert really quickly. We also drizzled some powdered sugar and water over them for an extra sweet year 🙂

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